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We’re Gonna Rock This Town! Yay For Today!

Bonjour, Everyone! 🙂

Today is the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s Annual Run for the Cure!  It’s a beautiful thing!  

My neighbour Joanne and her daughters, Julie and Laura, along with my nieces Meghan and Ashley (in Regina) are running for me today. You go, my beautiful girls and thanks ever so much.  It WILL make a difference!!!  

Julie, Laura and Mom Joanne are pictured below.  This photo was taken on our walkway early this morning before heading out to The Run For The Cure.  It’s pouring down rain here today, but that hasn’t dampened anyone’s spirits…It’s a good day. 🙂

Turn up the volume and enjoy this spectacular feel-good fun’draising video by the incredible cancer research team at McGill University.  A donation will be made by the sponsor for each hit! Be sure and watch the video outtakes as well – they’re hilarious!  It will lift your spirits, give you hope, get you moving AND raise funds for cancer research.  ENJOY! And have a beautiful day, all!



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