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“Home for the Holidays” – A Kitchen Tour

HOME TOUR & MORE…Kitchen chandelier

Amber glass ornaments adorn the kitchen chandelier, secured with organdy ribbon

Kitchen sideboard

Kitchen sideboard (a re-claimed pine dresser) hosts holiday antiques, table linens, tons of festive paper napkins, special cutlery and, of course, recipe books!

Egg nog bowl

Circa 1950's amber glass "Egg Nog" bowl and cups sit atop my grandmother's about-120-year-old footed pressed glass cake plate . A larger cake plate sits below it, creating a tiered effect. My grandmother's plate held my older sister's very first birthday cake and many family birthday cakes after that! My grandmother had gifted it to my mother who, in turn, gifted it to me. I keep it out where I can see it every day...

Egg Nog bowl close-up

This bowl is so pretty filled with oh-so-creamy-white egg nog. It's almost too pretty to secret away after the holidays are over! Don't you just love that lettering?!

I so admire the petite egg nog cups and, of course, the egg nog, too! Yum! Yum!

Antique amber glass jug and glasses

This amber glass jug and tiny glasses with a white swirl pattern etched into the glass were a delightful find at a roadside barn-turned-antique-shop near Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario while on vacation one year. The set coordinates beautifully with the egg nog bowl and cups along side it on the dresser - talk about serendipity! I use this set always at Christmastime, and on special-occasion brunches, to serve fresh orange juice and even amber rum punches. Now, how pretty is that!

These green and amber glass fish (from Living Rooms in Churchill Square) are the newest addition to my kitchen ornament collection. They are so pretty when they catch the flickering candlelight.

Feathered birds, faux cedar, dried oranges...so-simple adornments that bring a touch of gladness to the season.

My 'Great Grandma Follett's' over a century-old carnival glass jug. These dishes are really 'Time Travellers' and hold so many stories. I love to keep on using them so they continue to collect more stories...

This gleaming porcelain holiday tray came from The Barn Loft in Clarenville (what a beauty of a shop). The angels music box, at the right, came all the way from The Pottery in the state of Virginia, where a cousin resides, over 25 years ago and is still today a much-cherished Christmas decoration. I look forward to bringing it out of the cupboard every year.

"The Magic of Christmas never ends and its Greatest Gifts are Family and Friends"

A gift from my husband, this Santa 'Giftgiver' wears a mustard-coloured robe that blends beautifully with the amber glassware.

Santas in the 'Giftgiver' collection have a painted wooden base that contain a scrolled message relating their significance to the season. It's a neat place to hide a 'love message', too! What a beautiful thing!

Dimmed lamplight reflecting off the antique glassware casts the most beautiful amber glow...

Winged figures bless the bounty of a holiday feast for all...

A view of the kitchen table through the glass door, as seen from the living room...

Santa 'Giftgiver' and my prized Portmeiron "Holly and Ivy" teapot, both much-loved gifts from Christmases past

"Oh, Kitchen Tree! Oh, Kitchen Tree" A snowy white-and-gold themed tabletop tree in a tiny corner of the kitchen

Gold and cream-coloured Christmas bulbs from COSTCO! What a find!

End-of-season sale ornaments collected over the years from card shops, gift stores, pharmacies and even the grocery! Just shop with a discerning eye. They make for an eclectic and whimsical collection.

Winged creatures and mercury glass pinecones peep out from under gold-glittered ferns of the kitchen tree

The sage wrought-iron tiered shelf and wine rack was a bargain at under $50 from HomeSense. One of its top finials was damaged and I took it to an autobody shop to have it repaired! Look at it now! WOW!

Twinkling fairy lights on the tree cast a warm glow over the room. What a cozy feeling!

This 'Giftgiver' holds a child's letter to Santa in his hand. The anticipation of his visit is just too, too much for some children.

Yuletide treasures tucked in amongst the open-work shelves of the wine cabinet

A Christmas angel with sheep sits prettily on a shelf in the wine cabinet. I had originally gifted the angel to my dear mom-in-law; she returned it to me just before her passing. She adored the wooly little creatures and never missed an opportunity to visit a sheep farm. She would even buy the wool, clean it and ship it all the way to Prince Edward Island to have it spun into the most magnificent wool blankets for her children and their families! Now that's a beautiful thing...

Father Christmas 'Giftgiver' with staff; and a tiny sepia-toned photo of my mom-in-law's once-youthful face is tucked in amongst a bowl of miniature holiday ornaments - a beautiful way to keep a loved one's memory ever nearer and dearer. I took a full-size picture to Shopper's and reduced it to a size small enough to fit inside tiny frames (from the dollar store and Wescal's) for the Christmas tree as well!

'Giftgiver' and a contemporary holiday tea set (from Home on Water's end-of-season sale in 2009)

This dear little fellow came all the way from Banff's Christmas Shop many years ago.

Oh, to dream...of sugarplums and miles of wide smiles...

A footed glass compote is home to shiny gold ornaments on the kitchen table.

"May the warmth and joy of the holiday season shine the whole year through"

A woodland sprite lives in the branches of our kitchen tree!

Santas in glass globes from Michael's Crafts!

A collection of snowy white milk jugs...

Goodbye to this little corner of our kitchen. Watch for more photos of the rest of our "Holiday Home" in a future blog...

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